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Cannabis Coaching Session: Pain Management for Chronic Illnesses (Pre-recorded)

Cannabis Coaching Session: Pain Management for Chronic Illnesses (Pre-recorded)

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Purchase will include pre-recorded live Zoom session (30 mins) and presentation deck (Easy to follow along slides filled with educational resources) Product will be delivered via email provided within 24-48 hours of purchase*:

Do you suffer from chronic pain? Have you wondered if there is an alternative besides pain medication? Are you curious about cannabis?

Imagine being able to manage your pain in an effective and non-intoxicating way. Learn about the benefits of plant based wellness from Cannabis Coach, Sickle Cell Medical Advocate and CEO of Moodwell, Cely Mahmood. Cely Mahmood founded Moodwell to help others improve their overall wellness and their mood in a plant based nonintoxicating way. Her son Navid is a Sickle Cell warrior and she understands the unique struggles of Sickle cell patients.

 Join us for this informative and educational session where we will discuss: 

• The history of cannabis

• The science of cannabis 

• How cannabis can help alleviate symptoms associated with chronic pain

• Some products that you can try

• Q&A, open discussion


Visit our blog section at to find out more about Cannabis Coaching with Cely Mahmood at Moodwell.

Connect with Cely at 

Follow Cely Mahmood on IG @mommysmoderncannabis

How to Use

Simply mix into to any drink, hot or cold.

DO NOT pour into scalding hot water, the terpene crystals will degrade leaving you with a less than desirable effect.

Pour on top of your favorite yogurt or granola, there are endlessways to enjoy our low sugar agave!

Please note, do not take on an empty stomach. The terpenes will not be digested and you will not have the desired effect.

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Flower COA

All of our flower is grown organically pesticide free, using only the best sustainable methods.

Each of our flower comes with lab testing, COA


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Use this as a replacement for coffee & energy drinks, or even use it in your coffee for an even more intense effect.

We do not advise mixing with energy drinks.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where do you get your flower?

Our flower comes from the best Organic Growers in the region. We have carefully vetted and curated the most exclusive grower list in the industry. Our Growers are Organic & Pesticide free, and practice 100% sustainable farming to reduce their carbon footprint.

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