Our Mission

Moodwell offers plant based alternatives to relaxation and wellness through the innovation of science and the power of nature. In a world full of stressors our purposefully handcrafted and curated collection of products will help enhance your mood and overall wellbeing naturally. We are committed to educating the community on the wealth in plant based health.




A little bit about how we started:

From Cannabis Queen of Queens, to Queens Infusions, to Moodwell this momma on a mission has transformed her passion project into a brand that has helped hundreds of people improve their mood and overall wellbeing. In 2020, Cely Mahmood decided that she wanted to explore her passion for cooking and cannabis by creating edibles at home that are easy to dose made with purposeful blends of strains that she knew other mommas would enjoy. She handcrafted her Cannabis Queen of Queens infused agaves in small batches with the help of her husband Naz who diligently taste tested each batch. So she shared her agaves with her local community. They became a local hit. During this time our respect for the cannabis plant and this amazing community grew to a new height. With that this momma's mission began to include more supporters, including our cannabis kings and of course her very own little ones.  She began to share her personal struggle and journey as a caregiver to a child with sickle cell disease. She shared how she developed her products to deal with the stress and anxiety she is all too familiar with. She realized very quickly that she had a lot of people counting on her to advocate for them and viewing her as someone who was breaking stigmas. So we created Moodwell to encompass our entire mission and the missions we will grow into. 


A little bit about where we are:

Currently, Moodwell is working on the requirements to obtain licensure to cultivate, process, and manufacture our cannabis and vitamin supplement products in NYC. After earning a grant through the Queens Public Library Business Entrepreneurship Incubator we were able to obtain our hemp retailer and distributor license. We curated our collection of hemp products with the best cannabis hemp manufacturers and distributers in NYC and LA. Our hemp products are lab tested for quality and potency. We are carefully developing our current product line of terpene infused and plant based products. 



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