5 Things You Can Do Today to Improve Your Health

5 Things You Can Do Today to Improve Your Health

Celenise Mahmood, NASM-CWC

Have you ever had a cold with flu like symptoms in the summer but could not figure out how you could have even gotten a cold or the flu in the first place? I was someone who would be bed ridden in the summer from painful body aches, fatigue, and facial congestion. I didn't realize that during that time I was experiencing the symptoms of burn out. A lot of people mischaracterize the symptoms of burnout for a cold and don't realize until it is too late. Untreated stress and burnout can lead to weakened immune system, injuries, and risks to cardiovascular health. Wellness is an ongoing journey that you don't have to wait to begin, here are 5 things you can do today to improve your health.

Get hydrated-

I'm sure this advise is one you have heard before, but the truth is the body cannot regenerate without water. Water is needed to hydrate cells to keep the body's systems functioning.

Some days I struggle to drink at least 64oz so I like to incorporate Moodwell Hustle Adaptogen Tea when I need a little pick me up and would normally go for a juice. The damiana in the tea provides vitality support. 

Get in a few movement snacks-

3 mins every 30 mins is all it takes to reduce your risk for illness. Think of it as a movement snack. Consistent, short, intermittent bouts of exercise can help reduce oxidative stress- the production of illness causing free radicals that attack cells to steal their electrons. 

Try Moodwell Everyday Well Tea instead of coffee in the morning. The antioxidants in elderberry and turmeric add additional immune system support by fighting off free radicals. 

Get rest by stretching or doing chair yoga-

Sleep aside which 7-8 hours is the target, rest is equally important for your wellness. Balancing activity and rest is important for everyone. For example, athletes should not constantly train without adequate rest. Overtraining leads to decreased performance, increased injury risk, and allostatic overload. Similarly, staying mindful of work–life balance can help avoid burnout.

Try Moodwell Rest and Restore Agave as a topping to your favorite sweet snack or dessert like a yogurt parfait or sorbet. The linalool terpene profile will help you rest and restore. 

Eat a Mediterranean Meal-

Studies show that people who follow a Mediterranean diet live longer and healthier lives. Don't overthink it, an easy lunch or dinner could be half a plate of an easy Greek Salad (lettuce, black olives, feta cheese, red onions topped with EVOO and balsamic) the other half of the plate split between salmon or chicken and couscous. An easy breakfast would be half a plate of Fruit Salad (Seasonal fruits like watermelon, cantaloupe, grapes topped with Moodwell Hustle Terpene Agave) and an egg with a slice of toast or granola. 

Get a good night's sleep-

7-8 hours is the recommended. Trust me after you do all of the above today your body will be rested by the time night comes around. If you are having trouble sleeping try meditating for 5 minutes. Peloton app has some of my favorite meditation courses, Youtube has a ton of free Sleep Guided Meditation as well. 

For some extra sleep support try Moodwell Rest and Restore Adaptogen Tea made from relaxing chamomile and peppermint to support restful sleep and brain health. 

The next time you or someone you know has a cold or flu like symptoms in the summer time, evaluate your wellness. Consider that you may be suffering from burnout or stress as the symptoms like body ache and fatigue are similar. 

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